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Find out how our relentless focus on innovation has made our data centers one of the highest performing, secure, reliable and efficient data centers in the world.


We build large-scale campuses (64 to 150+MW) to enable our customers to grow in place over the long term.


Proven campus models promote accelerated time-to-market, delivering white space in six months or less.


Standardized, flexible designs provide predictability, efficiency and non-stop performance.


We partner with our customers to advance technology while remaining good corporate citizens.

Financial Strength

Vantage is backed by a consortium of investors, including DigitalBridge Group and PSP Investments.

Net Promoter Score

Leading global brands have consistently given us high praise. Our most recent NPS is 70, characterized as world class.

Fire security

Data Center Fire Detection and Extinguishing: FM200 gas fire suppression | Early detection systems sensitive to heat and humidity | Sensitive smoke detectors | Full control in all areas | 100% device security

air conditioning

Advanced Technology Cooling Systems work in the Data Center. 2N+1 redundant cooling systems | Constant 22 °C (±2) temperature, 48% (±15%) humidity | hot/cold corridors | raised floor


Monitors on the wall of the NOC display live network statistics such as a live network weather map, graphs showing Mbps, PPS, Switch health, DC temperature monitors and more.

Service provider Data centers information

SLW - Micro Server Center
We’ll make sure that you’re always up and running so you can focus on achieving your business goals. Vantage’s Montreal data center offers redundancy and guaranteed uptime for peace of mind. Our team is constantly building and deploying the latest technology and services to continually improve efficiency and reliability. N+1 electrical and mechanical redundancy High-density ready slab floor design Nearly 100 percent hydroelectric power, creating very little greenhouse gas and no harmful waste
SLW - Micro Server Center
The colder Montreal climate means our data center can use outside air for free cooling almost the entire year. To extend cooling efficiency even further, we use hot aisle/cold aisle air containment that prevents air from mixing. Intelligent free cooling system Outside air economization up to 80 percent of the year N+1 redundancy across all mechanical systems
SLW - Micro Server Center
Montreal is a highly connected, carrier-neutral data center with extensive and diverse fiber connections. It includes two Meet-Me-Rooms (MMRs) for network redundancy, as well as direct interconnection to some of the biggest public and private cloud providers. Highly connected and carrier neutral Two MMRs throughout the campus, allowing for diverse paths and multiple connectivity options Geographic redundancy between Quebec City and Montreal grids Four points-of-entry (POEs) for the campus ensuring maximum path diversity for inbound carriers Diverse fiber pathways into the campus (minimum 2 paths per carrier)
SLW - Micro Server Center
Stringent security and safety measures are hallmarks of every Vantage campus. Our Montreal data center is no exception, so you can rest easy when it comes to the security of your digital assets. Biometric identification and facial recognition 24x7x365 video surveillance and on-site security 100 indoor and outdoor closed-circuit cameras Visitor management system and badging to control and track on-site personnel all the time

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