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  • 1 GB Ram
  • 2048 GB Bandwith
  • 25 GB NVMe Storage
  • 1 vCPU
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$ 7.99 /mo
Original Price $12
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Hosting / Server Rates

Benefits and highlights of the virtual server service powered by superior virtualization technology

Cloud V2

You can choose from 23 different locations

$ 14.99 /mo
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 1 vCPU
  • 50GB NVMe Storage
  • 3000GB Bandwith
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Cloud V4

You can choose from 23 different locations

$ 29.99 /mo
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 2 vCPU
  • 100GB NVMe Storage
  • 5000GB Bandwith
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Cloud V8

You can choose from 23 different locations

$ 59.99 /mo
  • 8 GB Ram
  • 4 vCPU
  • 180GB NVMe Storage
  • 6000GB Bandwith
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Highlights of Cloud Server Service

Benefits and highlights of the virtual server service powered by superior virtualization technology

NVME.2 Disk

With disks that are 5 times faster than SSD disks, you can always use your Cloud server service with high performance.

Dedicated Resources

Cloud server has virtualized real resources. These resources are private and only you use your resources.

Server Migration

You can request free assistance from our support team for the migration of your 1 site, whose data size does not exceed 10 GB, between compatible control panels.

Free Installation

Your cloud server service is created according to the resources and configurations you request at the time of order, and you can start using your server by receiving it as soon as possible.

Free Backup DNS Engine

Upon your request, your cloud server service is added to our Hosting.com.tr main DNS server and you can use our redundant DNS infrastructure service free of charge.

24/7 Technical Support

If you have a problem with your cloud server service, you can get help from our technical team 24/7 and you can easily solve the problems you experience.

Frequently Aksed Questions

Questions and answers about the Cloud Server service

SLW - Micro Server Center

Cloud server is a server system obtained by using virtualization technology on physical servers. This method is more performant and secure than other virtualization technologies. Resources such as RAM, CPU and disk assigned from the main server are within real limits. Resources assigned to a user are also allocated over physical resources on the server. Thus, the resources assigned to you cannot be used by another user. For example, when you configure your server with 8 GB of ram, 8 GB of RAM is completely assigned to you and dropped from the system, even when your system is not using it. In other systems, if the assigned resources are empty, they can be used by a different user, thus slowing down everyone's service in total in system density.

Because Cloud Server is configured using virtualization technology, management and resource change is quick and easy. In addition, you do not have to bear the extra electricity costs of physical servers. Physical servers are very troublesome for hardware upgrades and changes, but these processes are very simple in cloud server service. In addition, since the cloud server is configured by you, you can configure it as you wish.

If you request, of course, you can change the properties of your cloud server service. In the cloud server service, for example, the visitors of some of your sites have increased considerably. When your server starts to slow down, we can increase your features such as ram, processor, disk. For example, when you expect traffic to your site for a short time, you can instantly increase the CPU and RAM resources by contacting our sales team. Most of the time, we do not charge for these short-term increases.

In cloud server services, traffic is all of the data received and sent. In fact, this is how it is explained in all devices and services. With unlimited traffic, your server's data exchange is done freely and without any restrictions. Unlimited traffic in cloud server service is very important and necessary as in other hosting packages.

We install the cloud server as soon as possible after you place your order. We set up your cloud server service and set the configurations you requested. After the installation and requested configurations are completed, your server is tested for the last time and delivered to you.